Based in Lisbon

Kuril Chto (b. 1989) is a trickster in the world of contemporary art. He uses irony and absurdity as a creative method to explore folk art, memes, and everyday life. Focusing on daily routine and DIY practices as well as addressing big and sometimes painful sociopolitical issues such as patriotism or information noise by the means of humor are key characteristics of his artistic manner. 

Kuril Chto works with different media such as drawing, painting, applied arts, digital memes, urban interventions. Currently, he is focused on mixed media. The intersection of contemporary folk art (memes) and DIY aesthetics (hobby practices) is his main area of interest now. Kuril Chto believes that this field is where the new sincerity is hidden.

group exhibitions 

2021 — Field Trip, CO-OP space, exhibition / open studio, Lisbon
2021 — Asylum. Welcome to the paradise, Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, curators Ivan Naumov and Sasha Gippius
2020 — III Tretyakov Prize Award Ceremony exhibition, CCI Fabrika, Moscow
2020 — Behind the Clouds Is Future, DK Gromov Space, St. Petersburg, curator Vladimir Logutov, Serafima Kostrova
2020 — VLADEY pre-auction exhibition, Vladey Space, Moscow
2019 — Private Exhibition, Palace, St. Petersburg
2019 — Rooted to the spot, Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, curator Maxim Ima
2017 — Brighter Days Are Coming, Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, curators Andrey Zaytsev, Yasha Young (Urban Nation, Berlin)
2017 — New collection, DK Gromov Space, St. Petersburg, curator Olesya Turkina
2016 — Outdoor Festival Rome, Urban Art Festival, Rome, curator Francesco Dobrovich
2016 — Wunderkammern goes beyond, Wunderkammern gallery, Rome, curator Antonella Di Lullo
2016 — Crossing Borders / Crossing Boundaries, Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, curator Rafael Schacter


2020 — Tretyakov Prize in the Curatorial Choice category
2018 — Shortlisted nomination for Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award in the Best Public Art Project category


2016 — Art residence, Ferro Dome Space, Rotterdam, Netherlands 


2020 — VLADEY auction, Vladey Space, Moscow
2020 — blazar, Museum of Moscow, Moscow
2017/2018/2019 — SAM FAIR, Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg


2018—2019 — Russian folk painting course. School at Saint Alexander Nevsky Monastery, St. Petersburg
2017 — Sculptural portrait course. Alexander Spiridonov’s Studio, St. Petersburg
2010—2013 Painting Studio of Elena Serebrennikova, St. Petersburg