Kuril Chto uses irony and absurdity as a creative method to explore folk art, memes, and everyday life. Focusing on daily routine and DIY practices, the hallmark of his artistic approach lies in the wielding of humor as a means of addressing such ubiquitous and oftentimes painful sociopolitical issues as patriotism or information noise. Kuril Chto works in various media: from drawing and painting, to applied arts, digital memes, and urban interventions. 

Currently pursuing a master’s degree in New York. Based in Lisbon.  

solo exhibitions 

2022 — Goods, Voskhod Gallery, Basel / ABOUT

group exhibitions 

2023 — Tribeca Ball, New York Academy of Art, New York
2023 — New Dream World, Sapar Contemporary Gallery, New York
2021 — Field Trip, CO-OP space, exhibition / open studio, Lisbon
2021 — Asylum: Welcome to Paradise, Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg, curators Ivan Naumov and Sasha Gippius
2020 — Third Tretyakov Prize Award Ceremony exhibition, CCI Fabrika, Moscow
2020 — Behind the Clouds Is the Future,  DK Gromov Space, Saint Petersburg, curators Vladimir Logutov and Serafima Kostrova
2019 — Private Exhibition, X-palace, Saint Petersburg, curator Nadine Kona
2019 — Rooted to the Spot,  Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg, curator Maxim Ima
2017 — Brighter Days Are Coming,  Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg, curators Andrey Zaytsev and Yasha Young (Urban Nation, Museum for Urban Contemporary Art, Berlin)
2017 — New collection, DK Gromov Space, Saint Petersburg, curator Olesya Turkina
2016 — Outdoor Festival Rome, Urban Art Festival, Rome, curator Francesco Dobrovich
2016 — Wunderkammern Goes Beyond,  Wunderkammern Gallery, Rome, curator Antonella Di Lullo
2016 — Crossing Borders / Crossing Boundaries, Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg, curator Rafael Schacter (UK)


2020 — Tretyakov Prize for the category Curatorial Choice
2018 — Shortlisted nomination for the Sergei Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award in the category of Best Public Art Project 


2016 — Ferro Dome Space, Rotterdam, the Netherlands 


2020/2021/2022 — VLADEY auction, Vladey Space, Moscow
2020 — blazar, Museum of Moscow, Moscow
2017/2018/2019 — SAM FAIR, Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg


2020 — VLADEY pre-auction exhibition, Vladey Space, Moscow
2020/2021/2022 — VLADEY auction, Vladey Space, Moscow
2020/2021 — Art-Fever, an auction by the BORSCH gallery, Moscow

curatorial projects

2018 — Street Art Wonderland, Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg
2017 — Brighter Days are Coming, Street Art Museum, Saint Petersburg  


2022—2024 — MA, New York Academy of Art
2006—2011 — BA in Law, Saint Petersburg State University